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Our core strategy is based on our commitment to developing long-term and mutually-beneficial working relationships with our clients and everyone else involved in delivering a faultless service. The strong family philosophy is evident throughout Phase One, with the promise of a personal, flexible, open and honest services to all clients without exception.  We believe that success begins with recruitment, unrivaled customer service and a dedicated team of experts on hand to cater to each and every customer need.

Corporate & Commercial Office

For over 10 years we’ve enjoyed longstanding relationships with a range of blue chip clients, including insurance companies, schools, colleges, multi-tenant and council offices, delivering a range of support services tailored around individual office requirements.

Construction & Demolition

The construction and demolition sector is a high risk industry so we’ve designed a full range of services designed to protect your construction assets such as building materials, tools, vehicles and civil engineering plant. This is delivered through a mixture of guarding and systems.


We are dedicated to making the education sector safer for students and staff. Our proven, cost effective guarding can prevent and control a wide range of circumstances, from outsiders entering school premises and student accommodation to reducing the risk of on-site violence.

Events & Festivals

Here at Phaseone, we offer a fully bespoke service package to the event and festival sector which include both guarding services and cleaning services. We work closely with all clients to ensure our services meet your exact requirements including special requests for first-aid trained or female staff.

NHS & Healthcare

We operate round the clock, 365 days per year, to support a number of NHS and private hospitals, health centres, GP surgeries, dental practices, care homes and walk-in centres. Our services include guarding services, guard assist, commercial cleaning and patient watch.

Residential & Multi Tenant

The greatest security to ensure your property is secure is to have on-site security personnel. Phaseone can supply professionally trained, residential security teams to keep you, your family and your home safe from the threat of crime. Alternatively, a security system for internal or external protection can be installed for added protection.


With retail crime at a ten year high, there’s never been a more important time to consider loss prevention services. With loss or damage to property, anti-social behavior and organised crime all being named as contributing factors to retail crime, reports have found that customer theft accounts for up to 81% of all retail crime.

Renewable Energy

The building of wind turbines or solar sites is costly, and the metal used for the construction can be worth considerable amounts of money, we can help safe guard your wind farm or solar site ensuring protection against vandalism and theft from the use of guarding services and systems.

Vacant Property & Land

We can offer a wide range of options to assist in the protection of vacant residential and commercial property or land. We use a range of physical and electronic countermeasures to protect your property against key risks pertaining to both criminal and accidental damage.