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Phase One is a leading UK security company and accredited by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) Approved Contractors Scheme (ACS) for the provision of Security Guarding, Door Supervision and Key Holding services. We can offer our clients a fully managed or recruitment service for either a short-term contract or on a more permanent basis – depending on our clients individual needs and requirements.


At Phase One, we understand that there will be times when a client needs more than a simple security guard service. Having security personnel may only address a partial solution to their needs, so we have gone out of our way to create a bespoke service that combines the duties of a security guard along with additional essential tasks that need performing.

We have often been approached by clients who require staff to cover a combination of requirements including front of house security for their business premises or residential property, but that can also cover other integrated duties such as providing a security guard service combined with with cleaning, care-taking, and even a customer service role. This can be a great solution where there is no need to hire separate services and can give the client added value for money.

This is why we are pleased to offer our clients a solution that is more bespoke in nature to better fit with our clients needs.

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All employees working in the security industry are licensed by the security industry authority.

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Our fully comprehensive service includes the use of a Guard Tour system that can be installed at a clients’ premises. This cutting edge software suite offers advanced security monitoring for officer tracking and movement that covers the whole of your premises. The real-time feedback and customisation allows us to not only ensure your safety, but to also reduce risks and increase productivity, delivering you a high-quality service with real-time information.

We can offer our clients 24-hour support through the use of our mobile network of staff throughout the whole of the UK. We can offer our clients a fully managed service on either a short-term contract or on a more permanent basis – depending on our clients individual needs and requirements.

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Phase One are proud to have invested our knowledge, intuition and years of experience into developing advanced technologies that benefit not only ourselves but also our clients. Such developments include our custom-made reporting system that is designed and built around a clients’ business where incident reports are sent automatically in real-time to all interested parties. This is done through the use of a very user-friendly web portal and app that we have developed.

You can access information and statistics that show the types of events that have happened, such as number of thefts, assaults or other detailed events that our clients want to keep a record of. Our very user-friendly customer portal hosts a lot of useful information that shows time sheets, employee schedules for attendance of clients premises, risk assessment reports, individual assignment instructions and other information that would be useful for our clients. It can be very reassuring for our clients to have an easy way to access all these documents from one place as and when they need  it.

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There is no need to worry when you hire your security personnel through Phase One. We take great care to only select the best operatives to work with you. We have very high level of standards that anyone wanting to work with us must reach.

Each of our security personnel must possess superior knowledge and experience of this role as well as having good customer service skills and an ability to keep calm under pressure. We support our staff by investing in them further through up-to-date modern training methods so that they can keep abreast of the latest changes in legislation around Health & Safety matters as well as specialist skills  and professional development practices.

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a first-class service across all areas that we cover. We are passionate about delivering a positive client experience, right from your first contact with us to the completion of our services.

To take full advantage of our exceptional fully-tailored security personnel services, please contact us so that we can discuss your individual needs and build you a bespoke package of care.

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The role of a professional security personnel is agreed in advance prior to service delivery. General security duties include:

  • They remove unwanted and unauthorised people in a property;
  • They prevent damage to, or theft from, a property;
  • They defend against assault directed at individuals.

We can also cover other integrated duties such as providing a security guard service combined with with cleaning, care-taking, health and safety, fire warden and even and a customer service role.

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