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Do you want to ensure your business premises remain secure 24 hours a day? Then utilising the expertly trained guard dogs from Phase One will be an ideal choice. Alongside our fully qualified dog handlers, these animals will deter wouldbe trespassers, while alerting the handler instantly to intruders on your property.

When you own a large business property, be it a warehouse, factory, farm, construction site, estate or office block, you make a big target for criminals. While during business hours it might be safe, even a good electronic security system will not be enough to put off determined thieves when the premises empty out for the evening. This leaves your company open to all sorts of opportunistic crimes, from theft and burglary to vandalism and squatting.

In some industries, you might be more concerned with certain items that are being brought on to your property. If you run a travel company of some kind, for example, there is a risk your vehicles will be used by smugglers moving illegal items. If you are planning a high risk event that could be targeted by terrorists, on the other hand, you will want to be sure explosives cannot be left in the venue.

Our guard dogs are all highly trained in sniffing out danger on your premises, ensuring that nobody trespasses on your property. Directed and cared for by expert dog handlers, this crack squad of canines will patrol your premises whenever you need them, day or night, ensuring your business interests stay secure.

Not only is this security solution effective, it is also flexible. Here at Phase One, we tailor our services to suit each individual client’s needs. Regardless of the size or location of your premises or the type of business activities that are taking place there, we will quickly be able to identify the pressing risks and advise on the guard dog solution for you. For those running high risk businesses, we can also offer detection dogs, which are trained to locate narcotics, explosives and other hazardous or contraband items.

Whether you need them to patrol a one-off event or to stand watch on your property, our guard dogs and handlers will ensure maximum safety for your business.


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