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If your premises are open to the public, either as a matter of course or for a one-off event, then experienced event security will be a must. Here at Phase One, we have years of experience supervising festivals, nightclubs, fight nights, public events and more. You can rest assured, our event security will bring professional, courteous safety to your event or venue.

Do not confuse our event security with the intimidating bouncer stereotypes of the past. While they can bring a heavy presence when it’s needed, our event security staff also know how to be courteous, respectful and friendly. In short, their role is to help support a safe, fun, relaxed atmosphere both outside and inside your venue at all times.

Every member of our event security team are fully trained and SIA licensed.

Some of the duties our Event Security carry out:

  • Checking ID, tickets and searching;
  • Removing any troublemakers;
  • Regular patrols inside your venue or event;
  • Keeping your staff and customers safe;
  • Logging all incidents and capacity checks.

Opening your doors to the public comes with a huge number of potential risks that need to be dealt with. Firstly, there are the crowds. When things get busy, crushing can be a serious health and insurance risk. Then there is the matter of clientele – we don’t need to tell you that there are certain people you would prefer not set foot on your premises.

The only way to combat all these problems is to guard your premises with professional, experienced, able Event Security. Phase One specialises in offering this service to events and venues up and down the UK, and so can provide everything you need for a good atmosphere, a safe premises and happy customers every time.


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