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Preventing damage, theft and other harmful situations that could hurt your staff, your customers or your property is much more effective than counting the cost after the damage has been done. Sadly, companies are at risk from many things, and most of these could easily be prevented with the right security solution.

Having our uniformed security personnel on site will protect you, your property and your assets from any sort of criminal activity. This can include:

  • Theft;
  • Assault;
  • Damage;
  • Violence.

Unfortunately, every business can be at risk and some more than others. For example, retail premises are prime targets for shoplifters, whose main aim is to remove samples of their stock. Uniformed security personnel on your premises sends out a clear message to everyone, including staff and customers, that they are there to protect people, property, assets and the wider public.

Guarding duties can be tailored to each customers individual needs. Some duties include:

  • Hourly patrols in and around your property/premises ensuring all areas are secure and being vigilant at all times;
  • Control of Access and Egress, recording all visitor/employee movements in and out of your premises and detailing all deliveries to the property;
  • Unlocking and locking down all windows, gates, and doors at the start and end of the working day;
  • Recording all vehicle movement and deliveries, including items that are being removed from the premises.


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