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Here at Phase One, we have a nationwide network of mobile security patrols meaning we can deliver mobile patrols, keyholding and response, property inspections and lone worker checks to almost any location. We hold the SIA approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding, door supervision and keyholding services.



A mobile patrol in your paid service will do exactly what you need them to do. One of the great advantages of Phase One is that we can be very flexible. We can tailor our services to best suit your requirements. If that means you need frequent checks throughout the day and night, we will brief our guards accordingly. If you would prefer to know when the our patrols will be visiting the property, we can provide you with an online schedule.

If suspicious activity is detected, it will be investigated and the relevant authorities notified. Mobile patrols will remove unauthorized individuals, help prevent and protect against intruders and thieves, as well as deter cases of assault and criminal damage. They will also help prevent vacant properties from becoming occupied by unwanted visitors, who may be legally hard to remove.

Most places of work and private properties would benefit from an enhanced security measure, such as our mobile patrols. The money you’ll save and the peace of mind from which you’ll benefit is far more valuable than the relatively low price you’ll pay for our patrol guards.

Losing your home, car, or business keys can be a stressful experience, but with a professional key holding service you don’t need to panic. At Phase One, our professionals look after duplicate keys in a safe and secure environment so that if the worst happens an SIA licensed security officer can have the keys you need back in your hands within 20 minutes. Our key holding service is compliant with BS 7984 standards, and our officers are all DBS security checked, so you can be sure that you’re in safe hands.

When securing your premises, it’s important to know that there is someone there to help whenever you need them. Within 20 minutes of an alarm activation being reported by the alarm monitoring company, a Phase One officer can attend the location and make sure everything is secure. Break ins are a hazard for any company, and can be distressing for homeowners, but having immediate help on hand can go a long way to providing peace of mind. In the event of criminal activity, the officer will remain on site until everything is secure, and will provide you with up to the minute communications so that you know exactly what has occurred and how it is being dealt with. Our alarm service meets BS 7984 standards, meaning you can be sure that you will get the help you need when you need it.

Mobile patrols are the ultimate low cost security service and at Phase One, our guards are experienced, licensed and instantly recognisable in their distinctive uniforms. Rather than pay for security guards around the clock, you are hiring our guards to perform frequent checks at your property. They are a visible deterrent and they show up irregularly, putting the career criminal off his stride! If anything suspicious is detected during a check, our guards are trained to investigate and take the necessary actions.

Our mobile patrols are very off-putting to criminals who take the time to research a property. A property which hires mobile patrols to turn up at any random moment, is a much less desirable prospect than a property which employs no security guards at all. Properties which are unprotected are much more vulnerable to these less casual criminals, who are driven and usually cause more damage. Employing a Phase One mobile patrol could potentially save you a lot of money!

Our fully comprehensive service includes the use of a Guard Tour system that can be installed at a clients’ premises. This cutting edge software suite offers advanced security monitoring for officer tracking and movement that covers the whole of your premises. The real-time feedback and customisation allows us to not only ensure your safety, but to also reduce risks and increase productivity, delivering you a high-quality service with real-time information.

We can offer our clients 24-hour support through the use of our mobile network of staff throughout the whole of the UK. We can offer our clients a fully managed service on either a short-term contract or on a more permanent basis – depending on our clients individual needs and requirements.

Phase One are proud to have invested our knowledge, intuition and years of experience into developing advanced technologies that benefit not only ourselves but also our clients. Such developments include our custom-made reporting system that is designed and built around a clients’ business where incident reports are sent automatically in real-time to all interested parties. This is done through the use of a very user-friendly web portal and app that we have developed.

You can access information and statistics that show the types of events that have happened, such as number of thefts, assaults or other detailed events that our clients want to keep a record of. Our very user-friendly customer portal hosts a lot of useful information that shows time sheets, employee schedules for attendance of clients premises, risk assessment reports, individual assignment instructions and other information that would be useful for our clients. It can be very reassuring for our clients to have an easy way to access all these documents from one place as and when they need  it.

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