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Here at Phase One, we have a nationwide network of mobile security patrols meaning we can deliver mobile patrols, keyholding and response, property inspections and lone worker checks to almost any location.

Mobile patrols are the ultimate low cost security service and at Phase One, our patrol guards are experienced, licensed and instantly recognisable in their distinctive uniforms. Rather than pay for security guards around the clock, you are hiring our guards to perform frequent checks at your property. They are a visible deterrent and they show up irregularly, putting the career criminal off his stride! If anything suspicious is detected during a check, our guards are trained to investigate and take the necessary actions.

Our mobile patrols are very off-putting to criminals who take the time to research a property. A property which hires mobile patrols to turn up at any random moment, is a much less desirable prospect than a property which employs no security guards at all. Properties which are unprotected are much more vulnerable to these less casual criminals, who are driven and usually cause more damage. Employing a Phase One mobile patrol could potentially save you a lot of money!


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