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Whether you want to protect your home or business, our first class key holding and alarm response service can help you to achieve peace of mind. Here is a brief overview of how the service works:

When securing your premises, it’s important to know that there is someone there to help whenever you need them. Within 20 minutes of an alarm activation being reported by the alarm monitoring company, a Phase One officer can attend the location and make sure everything is secure.

Break ins are a hazard for any company, and can be distressing for homeowners, but having immediate help on hand can go a long way to providing peace of mind. In the event of criminal activity, our officer will remain on site until everything is secure, and will provide you with up to the minute communications so that you know exactly what has occurred and how it is being dealt with.

Our keyholding and response service meets BS 7984 standard.

How does our Alarm Response service work?

  • Your alarm is activated
  • Our 24-hour control centre will dispatch a GPS tracked security patrol to your premises
  • On arrival, your premises will be checked thoroughly
  • For a false alarm, the premises will be secured, and you will be emailed an activation report
  • If an incident has occurred the Phaseone Security team will liaise with all emergency services, contractors and you to minimise damage and keep your premises secure


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