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Organisations from across UK rely on Phase One’s unlock and lock-up service. Our highly experienced SIA licensed security guards can unlock your premises in the morning, and then ensure they are securely locked in the evening.

Experience may have taught you that your employees are not infallible; they may forget to lock doors and shut windows, which can expose your building and by extension your entire operation to risks such as theft and vandalism – and even fire and flood.

A professional unlock and lock-up service can allay these risks, by ensuring trained security personnel are present at the beginning and the end of each day. Phase One’s security guards can provide this valuable service to your organisation, ensuring that all windows and doors are either open or locked shut at the appropriate time.

Our dedicated security personnel also ensure that all appliances are shut off. These might include televisions, fans, heaters and so on. As well as eliminating any fire risk, switching such items off will save your organisation money in the long run.

At some point each day an employee must be first to arrive at your site and last to leave, this same person will normally be responsible for unlocking the doors and turning the alarms off and then vice versa in the evening. Our security lockup and unlock service takes the risk and stress away, the Security Guard will attend your site and perform these duties on your behalf.

How does our Unlock and Lockup service work?

  • Attend your premises at agreed times;
  • Unlock the building and set/unset the alarm;
  • Ensure all fire exits are clear from hazards;
  • Turn on/off devices at the start/end of each day;
  • Submit a digital report (if required).


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