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Here at Phase One, we supply a range of security systems for both internal and external use on homes, businesses, construction sites, void properties and scaffolding. We can deploy trained technicians to your premises and install a fully monitored security system within 60 minutes.


Our cost effective and fully wireless security systems can be designed to use on any home, scaffolding, construction site, garden etc. The versatility, battery operation, and mobile access gives substantial advantages to contractors, business/home owners, etc. who may be concerned about the personal assets, valuables, materials, buildings, and other assets.

Our alarm systems can be monitored by our manned control room and can be linked to a dedicated security response service.

Our alarm installations usually include:

  • Control Panel – This houses a low voltage power supply unit, standby battery and the system processor.
  • Keypads/Fobs – This would be one or more digital keypads or key fob readers used to set and unset the system.
  • External Siren – This has an electronic sounder and standby battery a strobe light and anti-tamper sensors.
  • Internal Siren – This provides an audible indication that the system is setting, it also activates inside the premises when the system is triggered.
  • Signalling Equipment – When the system is activated the alarm receiving centre (ARC) will report the activation to the emergency services.
  • Magnetic Contact – Fitted to doors and windows these detect an opening and report to the Control Equipment.
  • Movement Detector – Located throughout the property these sense movement and report to the Control Equipment.
  • CCTV Camera Detector – Located throughout the property these sense movement, take a 10 second video and then send this information to the ARC to confirm the reason for activation.
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Phase One are proud to have invested our knowledge, intuition and years of experience into developing advanced technologies that benefit not only ourselves but also our clients. Such developments include our custom-made reporting system that is designed and built around a clients’ business where incident reports are sent automatically in real-time to all interested parties. This is done through the use of a very user-friendly web portal and app that we have developed.

You can access information and statistics that show the types of events that have happened, such as number of thefts, assaults or other detailed events that our clients want to keep a record of. Our very user-friendly customer portal hosts a lot of useful information that shows time sheets, employee schedules for attendance of clients premises, risk assessment reports, individual assignment instructions and other information that would be useful for our clients. It can be very reassuring for our clients to have an easy way to access all these documents from one place as and when they need  it.

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