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Should squatters, vandals or kids enter the site and set a fire, FireAlert will immediately send a signal to our manned control room who will then notify the emergency services and keyholder. The FireAlert system can also be paired with SiteAlarm.

FireAlert is a self-powered fire detection system for the construction and vacant property industry that is monitored by a manned control room 24 hour per day – If you’re looking for a temporary fire detection system then FireAlert is the construction industry system of choice.

FireAlert is monitored 24/7 by our manned control room.

It is always preferred to put a means of protection and prevention rather than to try to contain a problem after is occurs. By using the FireAlert fire detection system, your outbuildings, construction site or business premises takes measures to identify any signs of fire as soon as it happens.

Our Fire Alert installations include:

  • Control Panel – Located at a central point on your site or yard, this houses batteries, sim-card and communication equipment. The control panel is usually set to 24 hours a day, however, we can also create a schedule.
  • Smoke/Heat Detector – Located throughout the site these detectors sense heat/smoke and then send the information to our control room who will call the emergency services. We can also call the site manager to notify them of any activations.


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