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Site Alarm is a security system which offers maximum prevention from damages and theft on construction sites, vacant properties, outbuildings etc by recording any potential and active threats on the property via motion detector cameras.  SiteAlarm can also be paired with our FireAlert system.

SiteAlarm systems are designed to be used in any construction site or outdoor location. The versatility, battery operation, and mobile access gives substantial advantages to contractors, foremen, business owners, etc. who may be concerned about the materials, building, and other assets of the site.

SiteAlarm System is monitored 24/7 by our manned control room and can be linked to our dedicated keyholder service.

There is an availability to view the video settings from mobile devices. This is allowed whether the construction CCTV is armed or not. This allows for contractors as well as land owners and business developers to (a) monitor the site when they are not present (b) check high risk areas to further minimise the risk of damage or loss and (c) to quickly identify culprits in an emergency or criminal situation.

Our Site Alarm installations include:

  • Control Panel – Located at a central point on your site or yard, this houses batteries, sim-card and communication equipment.
  • Video Detector – Located throughout the property these sense movement, takes a 10 second video and then send this information to the ARC to confirm the reason for activation.
  • Keypads/Fob Readers – This would be one or more digital keypads or key fob readers used to set and unset the system.
  • Internal/External Siren – This has an electronic sounder and standby battery a strobe light and anti-tamper sensors.
  • Signalling Equipment – When the system is activated the alarm receiving centre (ARC) will report the activation to the emergency services.
  • Magnetic Gate Contact – Fitted to doors and windows these detect an opening and report to the Control Equipment.
  • Priority Police Response – As all activations are verified with footage its classed as ‘crime in progress’ which means your site will get Priority Police Response. This means anyone trying to steal goods from your premises will quickly be arrested by the police.


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